About Our Company

Dispo-Med (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd was established in 1997 and specialises in Dipping technology, with special focus on capnography products. Dispo-Med is a leading manufacturer of EtCO₂ Cannula, with the widest and most comprehensive range of designs. Our commitment to design and development in capnography products has resulted in numerous patents in EtCO₂ cannulas worldwide.

Today, Dispo-Med products are exported worldwide, including USA, Canada, China, Australia, Europe, and Middle East.

Our Founder

N.C Leow, Founder & C.E.O

Dispo-Med founder, Mr NC Leow is a visionary leader in this industry for years. His leadership has brought Dispo-Med towards brighter future. Dispo-Med is growing year by year, expanding into one of the largest EtCO₂ cannula suppliers all around the world.

Dispo-Med is an International company with the investment from MTDC (Malaysian Technology Development Corporation), a subsidiary of Malaysia’s government agency, which its support has driven Dispo-Med further today. Dispo-Med under Mr. NC Leow's leadership will be taking in new steps, walking into new paths and thriving to excel in the future.


Leading in design and innovation.


We are dedicated to improving patient care with innovative Dip Molded Nasal Cannulas of superior quality.


Management Team


Ng Ker Choo

Finance Manager

Cecilia Ngwan

General Manager International Sales

Nicole Chong

Vice President E-Commerce

T.S. Khoo

Regulatory Affairs Officer

Shazana Shahabudeen Khan

Operation & Logistic Manager

Tan Che Che

Production Manager