1. Order

1.1 Services are only available to User and subject to our prescribed concierge fees, delivery and such other             related charges and/or statutory tax. User are responsible for checking and ensuring the suitability, usefulness, quality, adequacy and availability of the products displayed at the Site for your personal use and if necessary or desired, you should seek and obtain advice from the appropriate party on the products before engaging the Services (“Order”).

1.2 You are required to provide us with correct information as required upon placing the Order including but not limited to payment information and warrant that the provided information is correct and complete.

1.3 All Order are subject to our acceptance without limitation to stock availability, geographically limits. We reserve the right to cancel, amend or reject the Order in whole or in part, at any time without any liability or compensation, if the product of the Order is damaged or spoilt, or unavailable for any reason. We may also, at our sole discretion, limit or cancel quantities of the products of the Order.

1.4 Once payment for the Order is being process, for technical reasons, you cannot cancel the Order save and except that the Order is rejected or cancelled by us or your written request for cancellation has been approved with our additional terms and conditions.

1.5 Any offer for any product or Services made on this Site is void when it is prohibited by law.

2 Payment

2.1 Payment for Order and the products to be purchased through the Order (“Payment”) shall be made in Ringgit Malaysia (RM) and with the exact amount stipulated at the relevant pages or such relevant final confirmation section of the Order without any deductions.

2.2 Payment shall be made through credit cards, online banking services offered, processed and managed by a third-party payment gateway service provider, (“Payment Gateway”).

2.3 You are required to adhere to all the terms and conditions of the Payment Gateway and we are not responsible for the accuracy and authenticity of the information provided by you to the Payment Gateway. You agree and acknowledge that we shall not be liable and in no way be held responsible for any losses whatsoever, whether direct, indirect, incidental or consequential,

including without limitation any losses due to any of your Payment processed by the Payment Gateway. Any dispute, complaint and/or dissatisfaction related to the Payment process shall be forwarded directly to the Payment Gateway.

3 Delivery

3.1 We take great care to ensure that delivery of Order to your specify delivery address and we engaged third party delivery service provider to perform such deliveries.

3.2 It is your responsibility to ensure the delivery details provided are correct and to ensure adequate arrangements in accepting the same. We shall not be held liable and responsible for any damage, cost or expense suffered or incurred by you for as a result of your failure or negligence in complying the above requirements.

3.3 You may contact our customer service if you have not received your Order in the next ten (10) business day or the prescribed delivery date of the products stipulated in the Display Info, we will facilitate the matter to find best solution on such circumstance In certain case of late delivery, we may, at our own discretion, to refund/cancel the relevant delivery charges within reasonable time stipulated by us.

3.4 All risk of loss and damage of the products shall pass to you upon delivered. If you fail, neglected and/or intentionally refuse to accept delivery of the Order without any valid reason acceptable by us, or we are unable to deliver the Order due to your failure in providing sufficient and appropriate instructions, Order shall be deemed to have been delivered to you together with the risk of the product.

3.5 In event that re-delivery is required due to no fault by us and/or requested by you, we may impose any relevant charges on the re-delivery, storage, insurance and any other cost or expense that we incurred for such re-delivery to you.

3.6 We reserve the rights to collect back from you for any additional/wrong product delivered.